Tipper Hire and Clean Fill Removal Services North Shore, Hills and Hawkesbury Districts

tipperExcavating the work site is only half of the solution.

Once the site has been cleared, you’ll need to ensure that everything is removed and the site is ready for the next step.

The tippers and trucks in our fleet are capable of removing any amount of clean fill from all residential or commercial work sites. We work hard to ensure that you enjoy a stress free site clean-up, allowing you and your team to move onto the next phase of the project. Our relationships with local clean fill dumpsites allow us to extend to you rates that our competitors find difficult to match.

As well as providing the grunt from our tip trucks, our friendly staff can supply and operate the site carriers, bobcats and mini-diggers that you’ll need to transport the fill from the work site to the truck bed.


Single Axle Tipper Truck

Our single axle tipper truck is suitable for transporting clean fill from your site to the dumpsite (bricks, soil, concrete, gravel, rocks, rubble, sand and cement). You have an open box bed that is hinged at both sides, as well as at the rear, making for easy loading and unloading of various construction materials. Hydraulic pistons make short work of lifting and tipping the bed of the single axle tipper truck at the rear, depositing clean fill on the ground behind the truck.

A single axle tipper truck is ideal for manoeuvring in tight spots, where there is not a lot of parking space or where entry to your site is limited. These trucks are a very cost effective and efficient way to transfer multiple, low weight loads of clean fill for short duration trips in your locality.

Bogie Axle Tipper Truck

With a bogie axle tipper truck you have two drive axles at the rear of the truck, making these trucks suitable to carry heavier loads than the single axle trucks. With an empty load or a light load you can quickly raise the bogie, saving costs on fuel, and then lower the bogie when fully loaded.

A bogie axle tipper truck is also ideal for driving on rough or slippery terrain, because they optimise traction, give you a superior grip and increase driver safety. Our bogie axle tipper truck has a hydraulic tipper, raising the rear bed to easily dump clean fill and construction materials at the dumpsite.

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